We have 4 cows, 3 sheep, and 3 goats, as well as several cats and a few free ranging chickens.

Four cows are as much as our pasture area can support. They are Guernseys, a heritage dual breed with beautiful brown and white markings, a calm nature and are curious about their surroundings. They form friendships in the herd, are affectionate, and can develop a bond with their caretakers.

Family lineages are traced by naming offspring with the same first letter as the mother. We have two heifers: Fern, who gave birth to a bull calf, Freedom; and Jahnavi, who gave birth to a bull calf, Judah. The bull calves have been neutered and will stay on the farm. 

We have 3 goats, donated by White Lotus Farms:

Chip, is a very good natured male with a lame leg.
Lobelia-Sunflower is a small dark brown female with a sweet, friendly nature.
Bossy-Blossom-Sassafras is a light brown female who wields her horns to herd the humans and show us who’s boss when least expected.

It is best never to grab a goat’s horns, as it triggers a butting reflex.

We have 3 sheep. Mary is a large Friesian style dairy sheep, tame, friendly and calm. She came with her friend, a Jacob sheep who gave birth to twin lambs unexpectedly: Bella and Luna, who are still with us. Luna has two black eyes and will easily approach people. Bella has one white eye and one black, is more shy, and will keep her distance. Jacob sheep have 4 horns that curve in a dramatic fashion.

And, last but not least – Petey the cat, with and without chickens!