Biodynamic Farming

All Things Grow With Love

The Community Farm of Ann Arbor is one of the few farms in Michigan using Biodynamic Agriculture, and among even fewer to be continually doing so since 1988. Developed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900s, Biodynamics has proven itself to be a very successful farming practice all around the world that truly heals the Earth.

We use Biodynamic practices on our crops, compost piles, and hay field. Biodynamics is Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural theory in which the farm is considered a complete organism working with Nature to leave the ecosystem and soil in better condition year after year, and bring the utmost nutrition and energy into the produce. These practices go above and beyond organic farming as we use Biodynamic preparations and teas on the soil, plants and compost, and rely on the astrological calendar to draw upon all the forces present in the Universe.

Building healthy soil is Biodynamic Agriculture’s foundation in creating the farm as a self-sustaining ecosystem. We make our own compost mainly from the gifts our animals leave us when we clean their stalls each day, but also with green waste from around the farm and our members’ kitchens. We add Biodynamic compost preparations that do the magic of drawing trace minerals into the piles so the plants can take them up. The piles sit for over a year so all the organisms can do their work of breaking it down into usable, fertile material. The aged compost is then spread onto the fields before we plant, and used in our own soil mixes to start seedlings in the greenhouse and cold frames. We also utilize Biodynamic homeopathic field preparations in the form of teas that we stir at optimum times of day and year and spray on the fields, crops and in the greenhouse. These help draw trace minerals, bring balance, and give offering to the Spirits of the Farm.

Like any good sustainable farming practice, we rotate the crops, keep hedgerows diverse and strong, develop fluffy and non-compacted soil, utilize raised beds, employ efficient drip irrigation, and spray NO deadly chemicals on the soil, pests, or plants.

Above all, we acknowledge the gifts of The Great Spirits at work in our midst. We respect their powerful, yet forgiving forces as we steward this land to make it healthier year after year. This practice acknowledges all the forces at work in the Universe, not just here on Earth. We use an astrological planting calendar that makes clear the cosmic rhythms and attributes that pertain to each type of plant and timing to work with them.

This sacred agriculture is a celebration of all the forces in the Universe as they unite on a farm stewarded by a loving community. As we create healthy soil, it can create healthy food, which helps create healthy people, who can make healthy choices to make a healthy World! The ripples of love created on this farm are constant and far- reaching. We are so glad you are a part of the FARM-ily